Alicante is a privileged province of Spain due to its magnificent beaches that cover the entire Costa Blanca. Thousands of tourists visit its capital every year, as well as nearby municipalities such as Benidorm, Torrevieja, and Santa Pola. However, there are other places equally interesting and with a great tourist offer, especially during their local festivals. Such is the case of Benissa and the festivals of Purissima Xiqueta that take place on the fourth Sunday of April.

Festivities of the Purissima Xiqueta de Benissa

These holidays include activities for all types of the public, which range from religious to parades of floats going to outdoor concerts, food tastings (octopus and rice in particular), fireworks and the expected bous al carrer. In addition, there are also days devoted to riberers and the fadrins.
Program for the Purissima Xiqueta

For anyone who would like to spend these days with the Benisseros, these are the main activities.

The celebration starts with the proclamation accompanied by parades. The next day, you can’t miss the coronation of the Queen of festivals and her court. In the following days is the religious acts with the offering of flowers and the procession of the patron saint.

Another essential activity is the day of the riberers with his cavalcade of floats, the mascletá night and concerts by well-known groups. The next day, it’s time for the singles or Els fadrins and its food outdoors, the funny parade and the call of the Night of Rock.

Although the highlight of these days is the bous al carrer, or the release of bulls through the streets of Benissa. The trimmers and the audience enjoy the adrenaline, some running in front of the bulls and others watching from the cages for four days.

You are invited to the festivals of Benissa!