One of the most beautiful destinations to go this summer is Benissa, a coastal city of Alicante that has a charm that you will fall in love with.

What to visit in Benissa?

First of all, you should know what to find on the Costa Blanca. Therefore, one of the essential visits is the beach.

However, besides the waves and the sand, this city offers much more. For this reason, we would like to tell you in this article about the historic centre of Benissa. 

Historic centre of Benissa

​This part of town is one of the most engaging. In fact, its citizens have fought hard for its preservation against the tourism boom.

First, we recommend that you go to “La Marina Cathedral”, which is how the church of the Puríssima Xiqueta de Benissa is known. The square in which it is located is an ideal place to rest and have an ice cream. Its interior, meanwhile, will leave you stunned by its beauty and ornamentation.

On the other hand, you cannot forget a visit to the streets of Els Desamparats and Puríssima. These are two traditional streets where you can see bourgeois mansions and palaces of wealthy families.

Pay attention to the monuments of Benissa

You will also find here the house-museum of the Abargués lineage. It is a bourgeois home that has been preserved intact over the years. Clearly, an impressive historical show.

And on Puríssima Street you will find one of the most important Benissa monuments, the monument to the riverbank, full of connotations of local history.

Finally, the Plaza del Portal is an essential visit. Within is the old entrance to the town and part of its wall. This is an impressively well-preserved medieval relic.

So, if you want to combine beach tourism with historical tourism, Benissa is one of the best choices.