In the month of February we started the festivities of Moors and Christians in Denia.

The Mig Any of Moors and Christians of Denia are celebrated this year over two weekends although there are events on Monday February 12 (exhibition of school drawings).

On the weekend of February 17, we will enjoy different events, among which will be the presentation of the captains and flag bearers at 11:30 in the morning in the Condado event hall. The famous transfer of the sabres between captains will take place during this event.

Later on, around 1:30pm, the “entraeta” will be celebrated, starting from the Red Cross, in the calle Marques de Campo y Diana going to calle de La Mar, where the reception of the captains is performed with a brass band until 7:00pm.

The next weekend of February 24 we can enjoy the “Entraeta del Mig Any” at 12.30 from the Glorieta to the end of the calle Marqués de Campo.

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