The fiesta in honour of Sant Antoni, the patron saint of animals, is celebrated in many towns in Marina Alta, such as Benissa, Pego, Javea, Teulada Moraira, Gata de Gorgos, etc.

It’s a festival of local interest for tourists in many of these towns, and in Benissa the so-called Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni is celebrated for three weeks with a whole load of events.

A new attraction in Benissa this year is the bonfire for Sant Antoni. And as in other years, each weekend is full of activities such as photo exhibitions, animal blessings, film screenings, bird shows, horseback parades, etc.

The second weekend is when there’s a street craft fair including the so-called wine tunnel, with tastings of tapas and wines, and many more activities.

The third weekend sees a medieval market with more than forty craft stalls, workshops and an Arab souk, as well as a separate events programme.

Check out the full programme of the 2018 Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni in Benissa by clicking on this link

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